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March 3, 2013

Increase Your Marketing Reach with Animations for Business

Online marketing can take many forms, some successful and some that lack the ability to achieve results. You literally have a choice in how you want to market to your target audience, and with that choice you have the opportunity to remain small or gain worldwide recognition.

Making a Marketing Campaign go Viral

Lets face it, today people enjoy a little flash. Would you rather listen to someone simply talking or do you want a clear and precise message that has animated themes that can entertain? Most people prefer entertainment. Consumers work hard all day and then go home to varying life demands. The result is that when they are online browsing they want to see and hear things that are enjoyable. Using animations for business messages will substantially increase the likeliness of online browsers sticking with your video, and hitting those famous share buttons. Having your animated explainer video shared will ensure that your video goes viral and is given a worldwide reach.

Why Animations for Business Work

Consumers today have additional attention grabbing trends beyond what was common in past decades.

Visual Stimulation

The consumers of today grew up with MTV, animated TV commercials and excited radio announcers. As a result, mundane explanations fail to grab the attention span of most users. To combat this, animations for business can be added into explainer videos and add to the likeliness that they will be watched. By having high energy animated videos that introduces your company or highlights your products, you can gain the attention of consumers who are more apt to stop and watch a fun and entertaining video. This simple fact will place you far above your competition.

Consumers have Less Time Today than in the Past

As time has progressed, demands have increased and populations have expanded, consumers have had higher demands placed on them. They work more hours in an effort to gain some level of financial freedom. Additionally the single earner families have turned into dual earner households. This basically has nearly made the stay at home mother obsolete. The result of added demands and less time is that consumers need to see things quickly. Explainer videos that utilize animations for business will allow busy consumers to discover what you have to offer without having to spend valuable time sifting through page after page of what might be construed as useless information. An explainer video will play through within mere minutes. Furthermore, you’ll be able to express the key information that consumers need and want.

The Bottom Line

Using animations for business will improve your marketing edge. By providing valuable and useful information in a fun and upbeat platform, you will be able to breakdown key points while providing entertainment. Achieving this will increase the likelihood of having your explainer video go viral. This happens through online sharing. It starts with one share and continues through multiple shares until you have basically achieved worldwide online visibility.

MARKATOONS! Animated Explainer Videos can help create revenu and traffic for your business, and drive in more customers. Increase sales, and expand your market value.  A catchy, 30 second ad that’s like eye candy could be just the thing your business needs right now. Call to find out more today!